20 Pinecone DIY Projects Making Fall a Thing of Rustic Natural Beauty!

1. Glittered Pinecones

Contrast couldnt have been brought to life better than the glamour of loads of glitter clubbed with the rustic goodness of pinecones, all in the form of these festive-worthy glittered pinecones. The glamorously decorated pine cones can be assembled as floral bunches, centerpieces, glass jar fillings, or lovely Xmas tree ornaments. This inspiration by The Homes I Have Made puts the pinecones in a glass vessel, and voila! All you need to work up the cones is some spray paint, a spray adhesive, and glitter in your choice of colors.

DIY Details :thehomesihavemade

2. DIY : Pinecone Fire Starter Favors

Terrific is the word for these fire starter party favors that would get all the magic done in a super budget-friendly deal, yet look amazingly gorgeous. Oh yes, the cones also come with a great fragrance that would make everyone want to keep them and forget the idea of burning them. What all you need to put together the fire starters is soy wax flakes, pine cones, candle fragrance oil, candle dye blocks, wired candlewicking, wooden spoon, large heat proof container, frying pan, wax paper, scissors, cute tags and twine.

DIY Details :somethingturquoise

3. DIY Fall Acorns

These fall-inspired acorns are a true show-stealer when bundled up together and placed on the dinner table as a glorious autumn centerpiece. Gleaming golden paint, shades of silver or a solid black is the best hues to go for coating the acorns, that are actually made out of old cheap plastic eggs. The painted eggs are finished with twine and pinecone pieces added to the top, along with a twig working as the stem. For the detailed steps of construction, head to the below guide by Hometalk.

DIY Details :hometalk

4. How to Make a Pine Cone Garland

Are these cute little pinecones or gloriously frosted pine trees that celebrate winters at their best? The garland gets its frosted appeal with lots of epsom salt adorning the cones, further arranging the sparkly pretties into a garland by gluing a short strip of ribbon to the base of each cone. Prepare your very own versions of this pine cone garland using some epsom salt, Mod Podge, a nice festive ribbon, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, a foam brush, and of course, loads of pine cones.

DIY Details :town-n-country-living

5. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

A festive decoration thats both subtle and gorgeous at the same time, these pine cone trees are the perfect miniatures for a full-sized Xmas tree. Once washed, the pinecones are painted in a bright green hue to make them look exactly like a pine tree, followed by sprinkling silver glitter on the cones to create an illusion of frost. The perfect embellishments to these trees are those silver craft foil stars placed on top. Small terra cotta pots would work wonders to house the Christmas minis.

DIY Details :scissorsandspoons

6. How to Make Gorgeous Bleached Pinecones

If you want to keep things a low-key affair and dont prefer adding glitter to just about every decor element out there, these pinecones with an endearing weathered texture are all you need to work up. The bleached pinecones in different shapes and sizes call for just a handful of supplies, including some bleach, a large bucket, some water, rubber gloves, a few bricks or large rocks. The action of bleach gives each of the cones a unique color, bringing out a beautiful fading effect to them.

DIY Details :gardentherapy

7. Penguin Ornaments

Cuteness overloaded thats what these penguin ornaments are all about. What goes for the body of these decorative penguins is long and short pinecones, letting simple craft supplies go for the different features. Painted wooden beads make the heads, pipe cleaners make the beaks, while stiffened black felt is used for making the wings and feet. Make a hole on the back of the penguins head, adding the hanging loop after inserting a twisted pipe cleaner. Tiny ear muffs, hats and scarves are heartwarming final touches.

DIY Details :mmmcrafts.blogspot

8. Felt and Pine Cone Elves

Adorable pastel felt cut outs in red, brick, fern, blue and moss yield a great color combination when combined together on these little elves. The mini pine cone bodies and lovely 1-inch wood bead faces steal your heart with long hats adorned with golden jingle bells. The other tools you may need are scissors, hot glue, and pens in red and black. Apart from the steps of construction, the below tutorial by Lia Griffith also shares a free pattern for the felt cutouts to make everything a lot more easier for you.

DIY Details :liagriffith

9. Pom Poms and Pinecones Christmas Ornaments

Regular pinecones turn into absolutely extraordinary Christmas tree ornaments with super tiny pom poms coming into play. Little pom poms in beautiful colors, sized just right to fit the scales of the pinecones are the secret to these ornaments. All you need to do is glue the pom poms to the underside of the pinecone tips, attaching a string of ribbon on the top of the cone to make the ornaments hang-ready. The project is so easy to pull off that even the kiddos can get it all done.

DIY Details :onelittleproject

10. Pine Cone Reindeer Ornaments

Rustic pine cones form the body of these adorable reindeers, while pipe cleaners double up for their antlers and those googly eyes make you go bananas for these one-of-a-kind Xmas tree ornaments. The final touches of prettiness include Once you have gathered some brown pipe cleaners, cute googly eyes, some tacky craft glue, a pair of scissors, some twine, red and brown pom poms, and of course, lots of pine cones, you are all set to head to this incredible inspiration shared by Fireflies and Mudpies.

DIY Details :firefliesandmudpies

11. DIY Tips for Pinecone Wreaths

Could pinecone wreaths be left behind when we are talking about do-it-yourself pinecone winter decor projects? But pulling off the wreath right calls for some quick tips and tricks to achieve the most gorgeous end results. The below guide by Up To Date Interiors takes you through those tips, while also mentioning the required supplies at the same time. You are going to need a foam wreath form, some hot glue gun, a jewelry wire, some spray paint, and of course, lots of pinecones to get it done.

DIY Details :uptodateinteriors

12. DIY Fall Garland

Assemble a handful of those cute autumn essentials, pinecones into a breathtaking garland that couples the cones with a handful of bits of nature that have fallen to the ground. This fall garland is a lovely arrangement of store-bought as well as collected pinecones and lots of fake flowers, stringed into a long piece of twine using metal wire attached to each of the bits. For an extra touch of glamour, you can cover the cones with glitter or coat them with acrylic paint, and voila!

DIY Details :freepeople

13. Pinecone DIY

Touches of paint done on the scales of a pinecone with all those intended imperfections bring out a unique texture and appeal to the cones. And putting together a bunch of pinecones painted in different colors makes it an even more stunning thing. Another unique idea is to coat the pinecones with luxurious gold liquid gilding, exactly like its showcased in the below guide. A metal wire ring glued to the top of the pinecone hangs them on a large loop using strips of ribbon. Let it adorn your front door round the season!

DIY Details :thenewwittys.blogspot

14. Large Pinecone Star

That subtly designed fireplace mantel reaches next level awesomeness when decorated with a huge star made entirely out of pinecones. The foundation for this star is 5 yardsticks worked up in the star shape using hot glue. The pinecones are glued on the yardsticks, and thats all you need to do to achieve the finished piece. Adding a few customisations according to your whims and choices is only going to make it even more awesome introduce colors, glitter or bright paints on the cones and get set to steal the show.

DIY Details :ellaclaireinspired

15. Winter Luminaries : Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

Mason jar candles light up the whole space with a beautiful glow. But what spruces up these candle jars with utmost gorgeousness is little pinecones tied around the rims of the jars that are pre-covered with delicate white lace. Simply tie some twine around the entire rim, further adding the pinecones. The frosting effect is brought by Snow-tex and Epsom salt. Lastly, place the candle inside the jar and charm up the house with your beautiful homemade winter luminaries.

DIY Details :craftsbyamanda

16. DIY: Pinecone Poms for Winter Weddings

Cozy, delicate and soft are the words that come to the mind when someone mentions pom poms. But these out-of-the-box pinecone poms ditch the regular idea and incorporate earthy, weathered and natural textures into the making of a stunning winter wedding decoration. Loads of pine cones are inserted into a large styrofoam ball, covering the whole surface area of the ball. Finally you attach a ribbon loop on the top and your pinecone poms are all ready to hang on the ceiling, the trees or even the front door.

DIY Details : pinterest

17. How to Make Glittery Pinecones

Integrating some glamour to the festive decor is going to be a sure-shot hit when these glittery pinecones are allowed to be the focal point. A small screw eye is inserted into the woody end of the pinecone, applying Elmers glue to the tips. What makes the cones work as the reminiscent of snow-covered trees is lots of silver glitter sprinkled over the glue on the tips. Whether you hang them on the Xmas tree, or simply arrange them into a garland to hang on the mantel, these pretties wont fail to delight you.

DIY Details :missmustardseed

18. Pinecone and Acorn Flower Napkin Rings

Taking a look at these more-than-gorgeous flower napkin rings, one just cant figure out that they are constructed using toilet paper roll, some scraps of burlap and bits of nature. The napkin rings feature flowers worked up using acorn caps, while those pretty petals are white pinecone scales. Apart from the acorn tops and pinecones, you are also going to need some burlap ribbon and hot glue to get started with the job. Oh yes, the napkin rings are versatile enough to decorate the table round the year.

DIY Details :stonegableblog

19. Jingle Bell Pinecone Ornament

When everyone else goes for sparkles and heavy decor for working up the Xmas tree, allow yourself to celebrate the idea of rustic minimalism. And, these woodsy, natural-looking jingle bell pinecone ornaments are going to do exactly that. The handful of supplies required for the project include some pine cones, white craft paint, a craft brush, some little metal eye hooks, a sisal twine or hemp, a pair of scissors, and jingle bells. The snow-dusted look of the cones adds to the beauty of the ornaments.

DIY Details :bystephanielynn

20. DIY Pinecone Mums Flower Arrangement Tutorial

Disguise sturdy pine cones into lavish-looking flowers, yielding great end results in the form of a glorious fall-perfect vase or flower arrangement. The best part here is that the arrangement doesnt cost you more than 15 dollars to get it done from scratch. All you need is some sturdy pine cones, a small basket, different fall-suiting shades of paint, paintbrush, floral foam, floral wire, fake greenery, and a cotton swab. Get as creative as you can be when it comes to color scheme of the flowers, matching the decor of the space just perfect.

DIY Details :thiswestcoastmommy

Definitely, pine cones are a thing of prettiness in themselves. But turning them into creative Pinecone DIY projects brings out the best of the fall staple, decorating the home with season-perfect elements at the same time.

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Cras sit amet nibh libero, in gravida nulla. Nulla vel metus scelerisque ante sollicitudin. Cras purus odio, vestibulum in vulputate at, tempus viverra turpis. Fusce condimentum nunc ac nisi vulputate fringilla. Donec lacinia congue felis in faucibus.
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